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Sometimes as business owners, we feel that we carry the whole world  on our shoulders. There isn’t enough hours to do it all.

We expect too much, we want the same level of dedication, we need to be better, faster, yesterday.

We need inspiration, we need air, we need freedom, we want to innovate, revolutionize, disrupt. We have to expand beyond ourselves and implement the new. We just can’t be still …

Expert technical advice

We only recommend to our clients what we know works, what we know to be the best solution for the next decade.

Our mission is to ensure our clients’ network infrastructure performs at the highest rated specifications, that it is fit to be next level and above all worry free.

Licensed Field Engineers

Let us use our vast experience, technical innovations and our own engineering to complete your business tasks and help your organization reach all of the milestones that you expect.

With Merchtel’s friendly support, easy integration and fast deployments, together we can make it happen.

Our Skills & Expertise

The folks at Merchtel represent the foundation of what your business needs to achieve your network infrastructure project. With over 20 years of combined experience in the structure cabling arena, low voltage cabling systems, telecom, datacom and wireless technologies, Merchtel can custom tailor solutions for your company, your projects and your clients.

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